Our Story

Like many young companies, ours is a story of evolution. The genesis of this story started with us trying to make those frustrating holiday light strands better so they could be used inside and out for multiple lighting needs. Then we made an early version of our holiday lighting that our kids would want to wear, so that when they walked around in the evening they would be safe.


We lit that early product in bright colors and active patterns and made it mobile. People – a lot of people – stopped us on the sidewalk, waved from their cars, and paused their bike commutes to ask where they could buy what we had created.  We talked with more people, and we listened.  All of those people wanted to be seen while biking, running, and strolling with their kids and pets. They told us they didn’t like reflective neon vests.  (We got a lot of comments about road crews.)  We set out to create something better.


We live in Portland, Oregon.  It’s cloudy and rainy here, a lot.  We experience our share of darkness when we ride and run and walk in the winter.  In the summer, we’re out at night again, relaxing with friends and families in our yards and at festivals and events.


In addition to being outdoorsy people, we’re engineers and technology lovers.  We put that knowledge and passion to work to make our product smart, with innovative, next-generation features.  We enlisted the help of expert companies like TargetPath and Synapse and AVC, companies that have helped launch hundreds of products; the likes of Beats by Dre, Nike Fuel Band and Seagate hard drives.  And we collaborated with professional designers to put an end to the construction vest look.


Today we stand proudly behind our refined, high-tech, wearable illumination product, the Crossbelt. Included in every box is the enthusiasm we have for the outdoors, the concern we have for the people we love, and our zeal for products bettered with technology.